Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers Needed!

Can you Help? Scouting is always looking for volunteers be it as helpers or leaders. The more adults helping the more fun we all get to have. You can also help greatly by becoming a trustee (see The Executive Page). If you can help, please come and talk to any of the leaders.

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There are many types of Explorer Scout Units in Gloucestershire, some are based around different activities (specialising in, for example, mountain-craft or water activities), while others support Young Leaders. Most do a wide range of different things. You will often be out and about at weekends or in the holidays doing activities. There will be times when you will be busy doing other things such as exams, and being an Explorer Scout will have to fit around these.

As an Explorer Scout, you will get the chance to work with other Explorer Scouts in the District, not just your Unit. By doing this, you will get the chance to do many more activities, not just the ones your Unit organises.

There is also the opportunity to work towards gaining the Chief Scout’s Awards and the Duke of Edinburgh’s Awards.

Nailsworth does not presently have an explorer unit, so movement is not automatic. However, there are three local units:

Badbrook - Badbrook has evolved from the Badbrook Venture group in 2003 and have been operating out of the Badbrook den since the change. They are the most central to the Stroud group. Badbrook meet on Wednesday evenings at Stroud Valley Scout Hut

CIA - (Chalford Intrepid Alpacas) - Chalford Intrepid Alpacas are based in Eastcombe. They are the newest unit within the district and grew from the old Chalford Rams Explorer Unit. They are one of the larger units and have very modern scout facilities.  Chalford Intrepid Alpacas meet on Thursday evenings at Eastcombe Scout Hut

Farriers - Farriers is an Explorer Unit that has been around since Explorers started in 2003 which replace Venture Scouts. The Selsley Venture Group was then broken to become Stroud Network 18-25 years and Farriers Explorers 14-18 years. The group name Farriers came from when the group was based at the Selsley Scout HQ which is called the forge. As that is a place where a blacksmith called a farrier makes shoes for horses, the group was named farriers. Although the group has moved to newer larger premises near Leonard Stanley they are still called Farriers Explorer Scout Unit. Farriers meet on Wednesday evenings at The Stanleys Scout Hut.


Badbrook - Meet on Wednesday evenings 7:30 – 9:30 at Stroud Valley Scout Hut.

Their leader is Chris Jones - 07974 403218 or chris@explorerscouts.co.uk


CIA (Chalford Intrepid Alpacas) - Meet on Thursday evenings 7:30 – 9:30 at Eastcombe Scout Hut.

Their leader is Andy Baines - 07763 314866 or andy@explorerscouts.co.uk


Farriers - Meet on Wednesday evenings 7:30 – 9:30 at The Stanleys Scout Hut.

Their leader is James Lusty - 07837 581527 or james@explorerscouts.co.uk


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